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Children's Ministry

First U.P.C. of Bartow is committed to providing excellent and dynamic children programs for children in first through sixth grade. We strive to have our Children's Ministry be one of the best programs for kids in the city. We want children to be able to learn the life-guiding principles of the Bible in a fun, caring, and safe environment.

Our goal is to make Sunday school classes an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all the childen who may attend each Sunday. We desire that our classes meet the needs of all children at any stage in their relationship with Christ. We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual training of their children and we want to help support them in that responsibility by helping their children learn the Bible and grow in their personal relationship with Christ.

Mission and Values:

The mission of the Children's Ministry is to help the family to lay down a spiritual foundation that will, in God's timing, lead a child to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. Six key defining values gives us direction and serves as filters for deciding how the ministry makes decisions.

1. The ministry is Word-Centered. God's word is the foundation.

2. Child-Centered. Leaders look through the eyes of children to discover what makes them tick: What do they like to sing, play, watch, listen to. Each lesson must be developmentally appropriate.

3. Application Oriented. The presentations must answer the what? What does this story mean to the kids? How does it affect their everyday lives?

4. Relational. The best way to make change happen in anyone's life is through relationships. A key ingredient to the children's ministry is small group relationship building.

5. FUN! The best morning of the week! We want our kids getting up wanting to come to class to have fun and while they're having fun - teach them God's message.

6. Creative. Our teaching teams think outside the box. How can we best get the message across to our children in the most creative way possible!

First U.P.C. of Bartow is committed to providing a safe and exciting environment for children. Our Children's Ministry offers programs, activities, and events that are designed to encourage elementary school aged children to build a strong spiritual foundation for their lives. We want each child to know God loves them, has a plan for their lives, and that He wants to know each of them through a personal relationship.

Grades 1st-6th are important years in the life of every child. They are growing physically and spiritually, learning academically, and exploring their world socially. Many of the personal characteristics they develop during the elementary school aged years will shape the rest of their lives.

Our Vision Statement: To develop within each child the desire to discover God in a personal way, while equipping them to become more like Christ.

-God Bless, Children's Ministry Staff
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